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About Your Instructor

Peri henderson

Director of Education
NMLS - 121326

Direct Line: 503.317.9825

“This is the single most powerful investment we can ever make in life – investment in ourselves, is the only instrument we have with which to deal with life and to contribute.”
Stephen R. Covey.

Thank you for visiting. We have dedicated this website for YOU – the consumer, the realtor, the employee, the student – we are all students in this classroom called life.

My name is Peri Henderson, I have been in the Mortgage Industry since 1993 and prior to that I was a Realtor for 2 years and before that a Branch Manager for a local Bank. We are in a time where there is constant change – we are all faced with challenges both in our personal and business lives. I have always conquered these challenges with education and learning. We have two choices every day we can change and grow or stay stagnant and die – I choose to be the change I wish to seek.

My past decade or so in the mortgage industry has prompted me to step out in a teaching capacity – teaching first time home-buyer classes with Portland Housing Center in Portland and NAYA as well as a variety of classes to consumers and Realtors. In 2007 I, along with a colleague, we went out to teach and educate local Realtors about the Mortgage Market Meltdown – trying to make sense of what happened and what was headed our way.

In my quest for growth, learning and teaching has always been in the forefront. The best way to learn is to teach – so that is what I did. In all my business dealings with clients, it’s always with a teaching agenda, even if that meant not to do the deal now but to wait – educate and plan for the best loan program for my client. My belief has always been education, education – education – it’s imperative to invest in yourself and your ongoing pursuit of knowledge. My goal everyday is to make a difference in someone’s life.

In 2006 I became a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (way before we had to be licensed). It has allowed me to help my clients understand their finances, to enhance wealth, increase cash flow and save money on income, capital gains and estate taxes. Most importantly I believe it has helped me provide value to my clients.

Cheers to your success in homebuying. . .whether it's your first or third home purchase - get the facts - get the education - get the home!